Great Hiking from the farm

This morning, I did my favorite hike from the farm. It’s a 3.4 mile round trip with a 400 feet ascent and on a clear morning, it’s fantastic! From the Bamboo house, I headed straight down our dirt road toward the river. I first went down to the River Prendas on the edge of our property. During the wet season, you can hear it the mountain river sounds from the Bamboo house. I then reversed course and headed for the paved road via our gravel road. You get the first incredible expansive pastoral views of the dairy¬†across the gravel road. From there, is an amazing unobstructed view of Poas Volcano with small farm houses dotting the view up to the peak. Further down the 1/3 mile gravel road stretch is a stunning view of the Central Valley to the right as you look down over endless coffee fields. Get used to it on this hike because their are lots of Central Valley Vista Views. At the end of the gravel, I walked up the paved road for .7 miles with Dairy farms and Central Valley views alternately popping up.

Then you’ll come to the dirt fire road for the remainder of the trip. You’ll hear the same River Prendas that runs along side of our farm. Small quaint village neighborhoods appear towards the end. The Central Valley views keep popping up. The Poas Volcano peak gets closer and closer. Finish at an old west style ranch gate entrance and head on down! You’ll be richly rewarded with the same views.



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