We live in Asheville, North Carolina, recently moved from Berkeley, California, and get to Costa Rica as much as possible. We love learning more about organic farming and continue to grow in our appreciation for Costa Rica. We also really enjoy sharing our coffee farm and Costa Rica with others.

Why Poás, Costa Rica? We were drawn to the the majestic views and the central location to both the city and tourist attractions.

We find it hard to leave the farm and spend most of our time relaxing on the deck of the house watching the hummingbirds and butterflies. We look forward to hosting you in our little piece of Costa Rica paradise.

Michael & Kim

Our Vision

The farm in the beginning

We had the dream of establishing a self-sustaining organic farm and sanctuary for our guests. So we bought an old coffee farm on the slopes of Poas Volcano. The farm looked rather sickly in the beginning with few healthy plants, and fewer birds and animals. We made the decision early on to take the farm organic. Rather than use petrochemicals and toxic fertilizers, we decided to build an ecosystem that provided natural methods to control pests and weeds.

The first thing we did was plant trees … lots of trees: bananas, citrus, Poros and other shade trees to serve as shade and compost for the coffee plants. Initially, we did not realize the impact of our decision.

Jose, our caretaker, lives on the farm with his family and he has often expressed his gratitude for the organic process. Jose is always happy to provide Coffee Tours and explain how the organic process works.

Michael and Jose



4th Birthday Party for Brittany (Jose and Family)

And best of all, there is Jose, who looks after the place and is a wonderful man! He came to us every morning and asked if everything was okay, if we slept well and did we need anything, then he stayed to chat, has enough English to make himself understood but as we are learning Spanish he was more than happy to help us with the language. One day he took us around the coffee plantation then back to his house to meet his wife and 3 boys and gave us a cup of coffee made with the beans from the plantation. ~ Helen M, U.K.

Blue Morpho Butterfly
Every year, we see more and more birds and also migratory birds resting on the property. Because we use natural fertilizers, we don’t send pollutants to the river next to the property.

Every morning, we wake up to butterflies around the bamboo house. Like the amazing Blue Morpho.






Our Coffee Farm – Natural Sustainable Building

Beginning the Bamboo House

We are committed to the process of building responsibly and sustainably. In 2009, we started construction on the bamboo house. We came up with the idea of a simple octagon design so we could view the beautiful landscape in every direction.

Building with bamboo is an excellent renewable resource. It re-grows rapidly which can avoid future deforestation of our precious tropical rainforests. Bamboo easily exceeds timber fibers or mild steel in tensile strength. It also absorbs energy and makes it a great product for seismic-resistant constructions.

We were lucky to find Martin Coto, an expert world renowned bamboo builder. Along with our Architect, Rodrigo Torres, they turned our vision into reality. Bamboo serve as the skeleton and support of the structure. The walls are created using a lattice structure that supports the mud. The mud from the property is applied to the lattice structure and eventually plastered with green coloring.

House Skeleton
House Skeleton Lattice
House Mud Walls

Solar Power

Part of our vision is to be off grid so, we went with solar for electricity and a combination of solar hot water and on-demand propane hot water. We have learned a lot about energy conservation because we do have to consider how much energy are used by light bulbs, computers, etc.
Solar Panels
Solar Equipment